No matter how many times you go searching, lists are replete with the exact same options, and your true crime podcast itch needs something new, or indie, or just different.

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For the true crime devotee, especially ones concerned with the ethics and boundaries at play in true crime podcasting, here are twenty different podcasts that do not linger in sensationalism nor inappropriately timed jokes.

Murders, missing people, assassinations, cybercrimes, con artists—something for everyone. This is a skillfully designed podcast, from the sound to the script to the interviews, and sensitively structured. Listen: Apple Stitcher Spotify Podchaser. Listen: Apple Spotify Podchaser. The anthology opens with the three-part investigation into the Word of Faith Fellowship and an interview with an escapee from an environment involving things like mass beatings and abusive discipline.

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Pretend Radio is one of the most innovative approaches to this realm of true crime podcast, a respectful host who builds a story from the ground up with no doubts as to what the reality is.

Innew forensic techniques were applied to the Bear Brook murders, a cold case surrounding the discovery of four bodies inside of two barrels, discovered in and in They went unidentified until DNA profiling determined they were all maternally related, and advanced forensic testing determined the areas in which they lived the longest. Host Jason Moon, along with the NHPR team, dive into the history, the break this case had with the advances of the twenty-first century, and the ripple effects throughout the community.

Alibi is an award-winning radio story and true crime podcast from South Africa, a response to a desperate plea of innocence from Anthony deVries, a man incarcerated for double murder and robbery under apartheid.

Follow journalist Paul McNally and co-presenter Freddy Mabitsela through these old secrets as they try to uncover what really happened at a supermarket inonly a few weeks before their first democratic election. Listen: Apple Podchaser.

He goes missing, his wife marries his best friend (who also wrote his life insurance policy)

At a time when justice runs rampant over civil rights, digging into wrongful convictions in the U. Originally created as a spin-off of Serial and following the continuing story of Adnan Syed, Undisclosed presents cases of wrongful conviction with the careful consideration afforded by people dedicated to advocacy for marginalized peoples. They present legal matter, like court recordings and interviews, and journalistic items, like press conferences and news reports.

Living in the digital era that we live in now, tales of cyber crimes run rampant, sensationalized and overblown or underrated and underreported. Indie true crime podcast, Darknet Diariesdives deep into the types of crimes that hit very close to home right now. The technological aspect is explored in depth and in an accessible fashion for all listeners with stellar production values.

Jack Rhysider is an incredible host with both a flair for the dramatic and a conscientious mind for fact-checking and narrative building.If you can never get enough true crime Listen on Apple Podcasts. Sources for this episode cannot be listed here due to character limitations. Visit megaphone. A young Chicago girl's brutal murder in led police to a dangerous criminal with more blood on his hands than anyone could have imagined. However, decades later those who re-examine the facts wonder if they got the wrong man.

Police believe the deaths were targeted, and many feel the motive was money. And why? InAllan Legere was serving a life sentence for the murder of an elderly shopkeeper in a rural part of New Brunswick, Canada. Until he escaped. Crime Junkie is off this week but we have something special for you instead!

Take a listen to Ashley's new weekly show Supernatural! In the 60s two men were found deceased, laying side by side on a hill with strange homemade masks. Despite a lengthy investigation and decades of intrigue no one has been about to say how exactly these two men died or why.

And all these years later we are left to wonder if perhaps their deaths are the result of something out of this world. If you like this episode you can go listen to episode 2 right now! Just search Supernatural on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts!

Learn more about your ad choices. Now you can hear Ashley tell you TWO stories a week! She has partnered with Parcast to bring a new weekly show called Supernatural.When Google Earth first came out, we all amused ourselves endlessly looking for strange things. We found hidden compounds and secretive hideaways.

We spotted crop circles and suspiciously cloned-out areas of the map. Then brands even started using clever tricks like carving their logos into fields in order to get noticed. When Google Street View came out, we all did the same thing again.

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We were hunting for embarrassing moments and suspicious sights. We found naked people standing at windows, fights in the street, and even some pranks pulled deliberately to coincide with the passage of the car. But there was a sinister side to all of this, too. First there was the controversy from all of those images being pasted on the internet, with Google having to quickly pull some of them down and replace them.

Then there was the need for privacy, with Google having to start blurring faces, number plates, and more. More sinister than all of it was what it revealed about the criminals lurking in our midst.

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Crimes were caught in motion, and some cold cases were even solved with the help of the new Google Maps tools. Here we have gathered a collection of 15 times crimes were solved with the use of Google Earth or Street View. Ranging from the serious to the silly, with a lot of drama in between, they showcase how new technology can catch criminals everywhere.

One enterprising man in Italy wanted to get away with more than a little fraud when he sold his Sardinian villa. He told the Guardia di Finanza they control taxes that he had sold it for justeuros. The Guardia were suspicious and decided to look it up on Google Earth. When they saw the size of the villa, as well as what a fantastic location it was in, they knew that something had to have been hidden somewhere along the line. They eventually discovered that the actual selling price was so huge that he owed more than 7 million euros in back taxes.

The villa was perhaps an unfortunate choice for such a scheme: it was easily identifiable thanks to what has been described as a phallic-shaped swimming pool on the grounds. This classy pair was captured in Manchester under a bridge. Whatever the case may be, this man was quite literally caught with his trousers down when the Google Street View car drove past. Although this certainly constitutes indecent exposure, and could have led to a prostitution charge as well, no arrests were made at the time.

This was one couple who managed to get away with their crime, even though the evidence is right there for all to see. However, Swiss police were using Google Earth at one point to find an address for which they only had partial details. It was easy to spot the green marijuana plants on the two-acre plantation inside the field. It was a large operation, and 16 people in total were arrested. The site, in the northeastern state of Thurgau, turned out to be the centre of operations for a large drug ring.

This was certainly the case in Vancouver, Canada. Margaret Burnyeat had a property on which grew 23 cedar, evergreen, and cypress trees, all of which she decided she no longer wanted.

She was charged with the illegal removal of the trees, and the case was made very easy for the prosecution when they looked at Google Street View images of the road.

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Not only was it possible to see the freshly made tree stumps, but the photographs happened to be taken on the day when the trees were being chopped down. The van driven by the workmen was still parked out in front of her property, right next to the stumps. This was definitely a case of fate conspiring against a breaker of the law!There's nothing more fascinating than an unsolved crime.

It's frustrating, infuriating, and yes, terrifying. But there's something about the unknown, the incomprehensible minds of the criminal, and the heartbreaking reality for the victims and their families that keeps us counting down until the next episode. Thanks to the surge in podcasts, you can sit back and tune in during your commute or any other time you want to hear a gripping tale. If you consider yourself a "crime junkie" more on that belowyou'll love these thrilling true crime podcasts.

Some have been solved, others are unfolding in real time, and a few remain cold. Here are the ones iTunes listeners can't stop binging:. In this brand new podcast, retired cold case investigator Paul Holes and true crime journalist Billy Jensen team up to tackle unsolved crimes and missing person cases each week. First up: An investigation of William Bradford, who was convicted of murdering two young women in the 80s.

Then He Killed Himself. One of the most infamous unsolved murders in America, the case is terrifying enough on its own but the family's shocking secrets will send chills down your spine. Atlanta filmmaker Payne Lindsey received national attention with the premiere of this podcast, which investigates the year-old cold case of a Georgia high school teacher's disappearance. The episodes aired inwith the story unraveling weekly. Once you're hooked on that one, you'll want to tune in to season two.

When an aspiring actress went missing in Hollywood last year, journalist Neil Strauss was asked by the family to investigate. Despite his fears and threats on his lifehe decided to release this shocking podcast.

There's an affair, suicide, and the drama hasn't stopped. We're still waiting for new episodes, so tune in every Thursday for more. Can't get enough of true crime? You might be a "crime junkie," just like the host of this podcast, Ashley Flowers. Each episode, she tackles a different crime and keeps you in the loop with follow-ups and updates so you have all the pieces to the puzzle. Dan and Wendi seemed like the perfect couple. They were two attractive attorneys, but their relationship went sour.

Then, one of them was murdered. Matthew Shaer guides us through this story, and introduces us to all of the unusual characters and suspects involved. You should always trust your doctorFrom questions about how to file for unemployment to how to properly wear a facemask, there are many uncertainties residents may have. Below is a list of online resources that WFAA has put together in hopes of providing helpful tools for the community.

Business Local resources for small businesses during coronavirus outbreak Need financial help for your small business? This group is A Connecticut man was arrested after he allegedly stole thousands of dollars worth of food and liquor from a closed restaurant over the course of four days, according to police.

Louis Ortiz, 42, is charged with burglary and larceny, both in the third degree, first-degree criminal mischief and second-degree failure to appear, according to New Haven Police Capt. Anthony Duff. Duff said officers were sent to Soul De Cuba Cafe to investigate a My Topics Video.

Live Coverage Crime. Vincent Asaro, reputed mobster, released from prison over coronavirus fears CNN. Man allegedly breaks into closed restaurant, spends 4 days eating, drinking People.

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Privacy Statement.In April ofwe were all talking about the capture of the Golden State Killer but did you know another long-time cold case was solved that same week? The two girls were never seen again. For years, theories surrounded this case. Did Someone take the girls? Were the girls responsible for one or more murders and then ran off to start new lives?

Well in we finally got answers, even though, as of this recording, their remains have still not been found.

crime junkie solved

But at 41, he would have been the youngest of the three suspects at the time of the killings. His obituary stated that he had been employed as a welder in Oswego, Kansas, and attended the Faith Baptist Church in Chetopa, where Pennington apparently lived his entire life. Pennington also was charged with burglary in Labette County incourt records show.

crime junkie solved

From the same article where we found his picture. Public records show that Welch was imprisoned in the Kansas Department of Corrections for three offenses — attempted aggravated burglary in Februaryaggravated assault in Mayand terroristic threat in May His release date is listed as March Oklahoma court records show that Welch had several run-ins with area law enforcement in the period shortly after the killings.

In Mayhe was arrested by Picher police and charged in Ottawa County District Court with two felonies: injury to a minor child child beating and domestic violence in the presence of a child. Records indicate that he pleaded no contest to the domestic violence charge and received a deferred sentence, while the child beating charge was dismissed. In JulyWelch was arrested by Picher police and charged in the same county with first-degree burglary and assault and battery, but both charges were dismissed the following month.

An obituary for Welch included claims that he served in the U. I've been crime-obsessed since birth and the only thing I love more than true crime is my dog, Charlie. I'm also on the board of directors for Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana.

My work with Crime Stoppers has led me to do this podcast, and I am so excited to be your new true crime dealer. A young Chicago girl's brutal murder in led police to a dangerous criminal with more blood on his hands than anyone could have In Decembera realtor touring a billionaire's mansion made a gruesome discovery: the bodies of Barry and Honey Sherman.

InAllan Legere was serving a life sentence for the murder of an elderly shopkeeper in a rural part of New Brunswick, Canada Crime Junkie is off this week but we have something special for you instead!

When Texas fitness instructor Missy Bevers was murdered inpolice and the public seized on an unusual clue that could lead them to Captured Episode.

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Listen Now. The Case. Ronnie Dean Busick. These are the other two men who are said to have been involved in the crime as well:. David A. Facebook Twitter Email. Hosted by Ashley Flowers. My name is Ashley Flowers and I'm a Junkie, too. More from this show. Episode Episode Murdered.

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Play episode. Episode 8. Episode Infamous.You are obsessed with all things crime related. It started out as a general interest but now you have this true-crime-shaped-hole in your life that no amount of radio segments, podcasts, or documentaries can fill. And the more true crime media you consume the more you crave it. Sorry Gillian, I miss you. So now I work to support the professionals who actually know what they are doing. All Crime Stoppers are non-profit organizations and receive no government funding.

So get involved with yours! So long story short, my work with Crime Stoppers has lead me to do this podcast and I am so excited to be your new true crime dealer. She was actually the one who introduced me to podcasts 3 years ago, so if you love Crime Junkie you can thank her! Brit worked for a P. This is the one and only: Chuck.

No really, I started using that word when I got him as a puppy in Thanks for being a loyal Crime Junkie and wanting to rep us with merch!

If you have any issues, let us know. About Crime Junkie. About You. Yep, you are a Junkie! About Ashley. I do all those crazy things I mentioned above. About Brit. Brit is an OG Junkie like us. Just Junkies. About Charlie.

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